This Ed Sheeran Speed Painting Is Amazing

By : Sam RidgwayTwitterLogo


This speed painting of Ed Sheeran was done by talented artist and friend of UNILAD, Will Thompson.

And here is the finished piece.

This Ed Sheeran Speed Painting Is Amazing edpic 1

We caught up with Will to ask him a few questions.

Why blue? Was it the only colour left in the shop or was it just the cheapest?

Well, as an artist I’m always searching for meaning, and blue seemed to represent the broody and tormented nature of the souls which I paint…….No, in all seriousness I found something hypnotic in the dark blue shades above and beyond my normal grayscale paintings. I see blue as a nice interim between my usual grayscale work and going full colour.

Who were you texting at 2.07 that was important enough to stop painting for?

My agent…Super important arty business stuff. Well, by arty business stuff I mean domestic affairs, and by my agent, I mean my mum. Can’t ignore her for the 5 hours it took to finish the painting, she’s a real worrier!

Do you work completely sober or do you find getting.. inspired often helps?

Yes, most of the time (cough). Although I have ended up punching a few holes in my paintings after a few bevvies in the evening, Justin Bieber got it a fair few times if I’m honest….

What’s in store for the future?

I’ve got a few things lined up, perhaps most excitingly is a controversial exhibition focusing on the portrayal of infamous murderers throughout British history. The plan is to open up a hall with portraits of Myra Hindley and the like and allow the public to desecrate them. The goal is for it to be a safe space for the public to freely vent their anger at Britain’s most notorious criminals. Unfortunately, the Biebs will not be making an appearance.