This Guy Had The Perfect Putdown To Expose Donald Trump’s Hypocrisy On Gay Marriage

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This Guy Had The Perfect Putdown To Expose Donald Trumps Hypocrisy On Gay Marriage donald trump lol WEB

On Friday, the U.S supreme court legalised same-sex marriage across the whole nation and, as expected, some Republicans really haven’t taken it well.

One of those who have spoken out about gay marriage in the past is Donald Trump – the international businessman with the bad hairpiece who is running for the Republican nomination for president.

Trump, who is one of the more outspoken and irritating voices on subjects like these, has often claimed that he only believes in “traditional marriage”.

But, in an interview for CNN broadcast today (but recorded prior to the landmark decision), host Jake Tapper had a great question for Trump.

He asked:

What do you say to a lesbian who’s married or a gay man who’s married who says, ‘Donald Trump what’s traditional about being married three times?’.

A clearly flustered Trump, responded:

Well they have a very good point. But, you know, I’ve been a very hard-working person. I’ve had – actually I have – a great marriage, a great wife now. My two wives were very good.

I really don’t say anything, I’m just, Jake, just for traditional marriage.