This Guy Thinks All Adults Should Be Wearing Nappies, Here’s Why

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An entrepreneur has cashed in on the Adult Baby Diaper Lovers (ABDL) market by opening a shop stocking all your giant baby needs. 

ABDL ‘enthusiasts’ believe that adulthood is optional, preferring to indulge in a little childhood regression in what is known as ‘ageplay’ reports the Washington Post.

Co-opened by John Michael-Williams, Illinois store Tykables boasts a seven foot high cot, a giant rocking horse and a lovely selection of adult-sized babygrows.

It also stocks Tykables Overnights adult nappies, claiming to be the first ever adult diaper to feature a ‘fade-when-wet design with a fun, all-over print’.

And John, or Tod as he prefers to be known, has been wearing nappies every day for 14 years.

He insists he turned to ageplay for comfort rather than sexual gratification, insisting that for many people it is way to relax and unwind that could benefit all of us.

Tod told the Washington Post: 

Imagine being carefree for a couple hours of the day, or more. That, by itself, is something that people can kind of grasp.

It’s the idea of letting stress go. For others, it’s more of a sensory experience – like having a comfort blanket with you all the time.

And he’s certainly not alone – Tykables boasts nearly 4000 followers on Twitter and nearly 2000 Facebook followers.

Tod added:

Each product we create, every event that we do and every day of our lives we strive to express the innocence of childhood back to our adult lives.

But not everyone is quite so keen. Back in June local Mayor, Arlene Juracek, called the business ‘a mayor’s worst nightmare’ urging residents to avoid viewing Tod’s promotional video, saying ‘you can’t un-view it once you see it’.

She said:

It’s a business that many people find at best distasteful, but that is legal and for which no zoning or village board approval is required.

Well, each to their own…


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