This iPhone For ‘Drunk Assholes’ Is Designed To Survive Any Night Out

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This iPhone For Drunk Assholes Is Designed To Survive Any Night Out iphone d FBYouTube/Above Average

Let’s face it, after one too many shots of tequila on a night out, your iPhone is highly likely to end up being the biggest casualty of the evening.

Be it launching itself out of your shaky drunk hands and smashing onto the pavement, or slipping through your fingers and into the piss filled toilet bowl in the nightclub you didn’t even want to go to, your iPhone has probably seen some awful things in its time.

It’s also a dangerous device, responsible for many a drunken late night phone call to ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends everywhere.

Fortunately, digital comedy YouTube channel Above Average have come up with a great solution for all of the above problems – the ‘iPhone D’ for drunk assholes.

It’s waterproof, has a pre-cracked screen and comes with a leash so you can’t lose it. It also has a pretty handy trick to stop you making ill-advised phone calls after 1am.

This thing would be an absolute Godsend. Unfortunately, it’s not actually real. But, seriously, can we get a Kickstarter started and make the iPhone D a reality, please?