This Is What Jason Statham Did For Work In The Late 80’s

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This Is What Jason Statham Did For Work In The Late 80s med 1428836624 image

Jason Statham hasn’t always been famous for playing the same role in the same action film three times a year.

Nope. The British legend once appeared in a music video entitled ‘Comin On’ by The Shamen and it’s actually incredible. We think we’re somewhere in the late 1980’s, but we can’t work it out, and to be honest, we’re not bothered because Statham’s dancing makes any other facts pointless.

I wonder if Guy Ritchie saw the video before casting him for Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels? I highly doubt it. Here it is below…

NOPE, it’s not over there. After further inspection, it turns out Statham got another gig. This time in Erasure’s 1994 music video for Run the Sun. And yes, he’s painted silver in it.

And one more for good measure! Seriously, did he even have a need for clothing till 1998? I genuinely don’t think he did.