This Is What Lesbians Say They Actually Do In Bed

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This Is What Lesbians Say They Actually Do In Bed lesbian3BriaAndChrissy/YouTube

As the porn industry is no doubt aware, many people are fascinated by what lesbians get up to between the sheets. However, for the most part, these fantasy notions are completely wrong.

Step up Bria and Chrissy to educate those confused corners of the internet.


In their latest YouTube video the girls explain what lesbians actually do once they retire to the bedroom.


If you are hoping for routine lingerie pillow fights then you may be pretty disappointed.

Netflix, pizza, farting, and conveniently placed advertising for audio books. Who’d have thought that lesbian couples would be so similar to their heterosexual equivalents?

Someone needs to tell the porn industry that they’re severely misrepresenting the truth…