This Lad Built A Real Bond Watch With A Working Laser

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This Lad Built A Real Bond Watch With A Working Laser Bond watch web thumb

Patrick Priebe built a laser watch that was inspired by some of the ones you see in the Bond films. And yes it does cut through shit.

Seriously this guy should be the real Q. He’s made loads of other awesome gadgets using innovation and powerful lasers.

This isn’t the first time that Priebe has made the gadgets of our Hollywood heroes, he’s also made a Spiderman web shooter with a laser targeting system. It can fire darts and even a small grappling hook that will reel itself back in. Please take all my money and give me one!

And he made the wrist rocket launcher that Iron Man uses. (If you’re only interested to see it in action skip to 5:17).

Unfortunately Priebe is reluctant to sell his inventions or even tell us how he does it because he fears it could be dangerous. I mean fair play for being responsible and everything but FFS I really want one!

Priebe’s YouTube channel is full of all the other things he has made from films, it’s definitely worth checking out, click here.