This Man Wore High Heels All Day And Definitely Regrets It

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This Man Wore High Heels All Day And Definitely Regrets It man high heels WEB

A man has conducted an experiment to see how difficult it is to wear high heels all day and, yeah, it turns out it hurts. A lot.

BroBible video correspondent Brandon Cohen wondered how he would cope in 3-inch stilettos for a whole working day, claiming he started the experiment “to prove that girls are huge complainers”.

He very quickly regretted his decision to literally walk in their shoes though, considering that the pain of the footwear set in almost immediately. Cohen actually wants to take the heels off before he’s even left his apartment.

Very quickly, his attitude changes and he admits, “It’s tough to be a chick” as he awkwardly tries to walk in the shoes.

Besides the pain, Cohen also gets a lesson in objectification. After he receives odd glances from co-workers, Brandon says, “It sucks that I have to choose between being respected and looking good.”

The heels manage to put Brandon in a bad mood, he nearly falls down the stairs and people keep making fun of him.

By the end of the afternoon, Brandon is in so much pain, he pleads, “I want death. Please let me die.”

Brandon’s experiment lasted from 9am to 7.15pm – over 10 hours – which is impressive, but perhaps now he (and you) will spare a thought for the girls who wear high heels on a regular basis!