This Mean Tweet Movie Edition May Be The Best One Yet

By : Alex Mays |


If you didn’t already know a whole host of celebrities have been reading out a bunch of offensive tweets about themselves on U.S. late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The ‘mean tweets’ segment is a regular favourite on the show, but this edition isn’t just any old ‘mean tweets’ segment, oh no. This one is all about movies, perfectly timed with the Oscars.

George Clooney, Eddie Redmayne, Seth Rogen and Emily Blunt are among those that have to read out the incredibly brutal, but occasionally accurate tweets by all those nasty trolls out there.

Perhaps the most brutal target is poor old Sean Penn.

Here are some of the best ones in all their glory:

George Clooney

Screen Shot 2016 02 27 at 12.45.32Alex Mays | UNILAD

Christoph Waltz

Screen Shot 2016 02 27 at 12.50.44Alex Mays | UNILAD

Eddie Redmayne

Screen Shot 2016 02 27 at 12.51.35Alex Mays | UNILAD

Emily Blunt

Screen Shot 2016 02 27 at 12.51.56Alex Mays | UNILAD

Sean Penn

Screen Shot 2016 02 27 at 12.52.54Alex Mays | UNILAD

Because Twitter doesn’t think celebrities have feelings, obviously.


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