This Model’s Bikini Advert Banned For Being Too Extreme

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A swimsuit commercial starring supermodel Bar Refaeli has been banned in Israel for being ‘too extreme’.

The ad, which is for Refaeli’s own swimsuit line, shows several clips of the 30-year-old model wearing her line’s bikinis.

Now, obviously, there are close ups of the model’s, shall we say, assets. But Israeli television executives have deemed it too hot for TV – with The Second Broadcasting Authority for Television and Radio having ordered several segments be cut out of the 45-second commercial in order for it to be shown on Israeli television.

This Models Bikini Advert Banned For Being Too Extreme ad2 2Youtube

And even with the new edits, the ad for the model’s ‘Bar for Hoodies’ line can not be shown before the country’s 10pm watershed, The Daily Mail reports.

If you’re wondering why the ad is so bad, it’s not really – for those of us who are used to seeing a lot of skin on TV. But there are a fair few close ups of her in the shower – which obviously left Isreali television authorities a tad uncomfortable.

Refaeli, who was three months pregnant when the commercial was filmed, can also been seen getting changed into one of her bikinis in the ad – although while standing behind a car door.

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This also isn’t the first of her ads to be banned. In 2014, an ad featuring the model in bed with a purple Muppet was said to have ‘too many sexual insinuations’ to be shown during prime time, The Times of Israel reports.

What’s funny though is that the model is from Israel – so surely she would have been aware of what would and wouldn’t be appropriate.

Either way, she looks great in it, and we’re sure a few cut-outs of her behind won’t hinder sales.