This Mum Put Herself Up For Sale On eBay

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There is some weird stuff on eBay. But if you were looking through it last week then you may have seen one of the weirdest things in a long time. A woman selling herself, but not in THAT way.

This 49-year-old mum-of-two Lois Curtis, put herself up for sale on the website, hoping that a ‘rugged gorgeous Greek guy’ would snap her up. Brilliant.

This Mum Put Herself Up For Sale On eBay rob cable rex

In the ad, Lois describes herself as ‘used, but in pretty good condition’, with ‘good bodywork and a sense of fun’ adding ‘cooks and cleans, no warranty.. fuses have been known to blow’.

Despite receiving bids of up to £205, Lois removed the listing, as she had been bought by her Greek hunk.

She said:

I want to go live in Greece, it’s always been a dream. So my friend Apostolos, who lives over there, said “Put yourself on eBay and I will share the link all over Greece”. He has loads of friends so we just thought we would see what happened and see whether anyone was interested, just for a bit of fun.

Despite taking herself off the bidding site, she is still getting enquiries:

Since I’ve taken it down, I’ve had about six or seven people email me, asking if they can still bid. I don’t even know how they managed to get in touch. One was from America and said he had his credit card number ready and could he make a bid.

There’s another guy that’s constantly emailing me – I don’t know where he’s even from.

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She hasn’t written off the idea completely though, and may consider relisting herself in the future, with the specification of a Greek buyer.

She should probably try actually going there and meeting somebody, to be fair.