This Polish ‘Furious 7’ Parody Is Everything I Want And More

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This Polish Furious 7 Parody Is Everything I Want And More Screen Shot 2015 04 08 at 14.27.07

Furious 7 is taking over the world right now, smashing the box office and bringing a tear to many an eye.

But if you step back for a few minutes to give this Polish parody a chance, you may just end up loving it as much as the real thing.

Fully equipped with an incredible taste in woolly jumpers and extremely-thick spectacles, ‘BRZYDCY i W┼ÜCIEKLI’ (Ugly and Furious) swaps Vin Diesel and co for a group of nerdy Polish men with a taste for action.

It’s already smashed 2.2 million views on Youtube in a matter of days. Well played!