This Insane Power Rangers Remake Is Incredibly Brutal

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Power Rangers was HUGE when I was a kid. Children in playgrounds everywhere were arguing over who would be the Green Ranger and who was the Red Ranger. However The Rangers running around in spandex and fighting monsters in a robot vs godzilla kind of fashion was a tad camp, though. But not any more.

This Insane Power Rangers Remake Is Incredibly Brutal prangers

That’s right. The Power Rangers have had a mighty morphing makeover.

Adi Shankar, the producer of Dredd and The Grey, has joined forces with Joseph Khan, who has made loads of big music videos, as well as directing Torque and Detention, and they have made their own completely unofficial interpretation of the 90’s action series.

The bootleg remake stars James Van Der Beek, or Dawson of Dawson’s Creek fame if you can remember it, who also helped to write the script.

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It is fast, dark, sweary, and brutal. The total opposite of how I remember it.

Joseph Khan said:

All of Hollywood, they all keep toying around with this ‘dark and gritty’ concept, and they’re all PG-13. I mean, look at the gunshots. You have a guy going in there shooting a bunch of people and it’s just like puffs of smoke. There’s no repercussions to these gunshots, which to me is even more dangerous than when you actually show some blood. You’re teaching kids that you can shoot a gun and there’s no repercussions to it. It just looks like you fall down.

So when I did the dark and gritty version of this, I mean, we go full out. There’s blood, there’s brains, there’s gunshots, there’s sex, there’s violence. I mean, basically we made the version that Hollywood could never ever make. If I had to watch the ‘dark and gritty’ reboot, then this is the way I would want it. This is the version I would personally want to see, but I also know this is the version that could never, ever be made in Hollywood. They would be crazy, it would be financially irresponsible, but this is what I personally would like to see out of a Power Rangers film.

Check it out…

An official Power Rangers movie is also being made at the minute. It will probably be shit. Especially compared to this version.

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