This Ridiculous Cartoon Ad For An ‘Oral Sex Robot’ Is Hilarious

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This Ridiculous Cartoon Ad For An Oral Sex Robot Is Hilarious toy1

If you are one of the poor guy’s who ‘didn’t achieve release on Valentine’s Day,’ don’t worry, ‘there’s still hope’.

The Autoblow 2 ‘oral sex robot’ is available and has an incredibly funny karaoke advert to highlight its upgraded features.

So sit back, relax, and learn all about the device’s ‘triple gripping’ mechanism, which provides a 30 per cent tighter grip, and a larger motor that strokes an extra inch of user’s penises. Ah, things I never thought I’d write…

Autoblow 2 inventor Brian Sloan said:

Internet user’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter. I decided the best way to communicate my message to men in need of blowjobs moving forward is in the form of one minute songs. Anything beyond that and I risk them clicking play on a cat video.

And, if one sex toy sing-a-long wasn’t enough for you, don’t worry, because songwriter David Safran has also coined a wee ditty for 3Fap.

Check it out:

I honestly thought the days of jingle adverts were dead. How wrong I was…

This Ridiculous Cartoon Ad For An Oral Sex Robot Is Hilarious wtf


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