This Skateboarding Staffie Is Out To Change People’s Negative Perceptions Of The Breed

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This Skateboarding Staffie Is Out To Change Peoples Negative Perceptions Of The Breed drfghjkl

I am a big dog-lover, and have a huge connection with staffies in particular. I had one at my mums when I lived there, and last year I rescued a stray staffy crossbreed. I can honestly say, their reputation is bullshit. There are a few nasty dogs, but you’ll find they very often have dickhead owners. Which is why I love this video so much!

Meet Ziggy Trixx…

Adem Basharan is the 26 year old owner of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Ziggy Trixx, who he has been training since he was just 14 weeks old.

Ziggy can ride a skateboard, play dead, tidy up, and even do martial arts. Which is a lot more than me, to be honest.

Adem and Ziggy are now street performers in Southend-on-Sea, and Adem is hoping that his double act will change the public perception of staffies:

A lot of people judge Staffies and think that the breed is dangerous. But this is not true, they are no more dangerous than any other breed of dog.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers are very intelligent, loving and loyal – but sadly this doesn’t stop people mistreating or abandoning them.

The breed gets a lot of negative speculation which definitely does not help the situation and people may not want to adopt them, and as a result many are being put down.

This Skateboarding Staffie Is Out To Change Peoples Negative Perceptions Of The Breed kjhgv

Ziggy has been able to help change people’s perspective in a positive way with his tricks and performances.

And if people stopped judging them and started helping them, it would really make a difference and prevent so many good dogs being put to sleep.

Big up, Adem!

I love your message, and your dog!

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