Sorority House Release Their Recruitment Video, We Love It

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miami e1421079835884 Sorority House Release Their Recruitment Video, We Love It

Being british, I don’t really know what Sorority or Fraternity houses are all about. I know that they drink from red plastic cups, high five a lot, and that’s about it. But suddenly, I’ve developed a bit of an interest.


I think a Fraternity or Sorority is basically just a sh*t load of likeminded people in one house. Like, a friendship group at school, you stick to your group. So the maths geeks go together, the jocks go together, the cheerleaders are all in one house. If I’m wrong, Americans, feel free to correct me. But don’t blame me, blame Hollywood.


The University of Miami sounds like an appealing place to continue further education. It’s always hot and sunny. Apparently the city is pretty much like one big party. Sounds good to me.


Also, after studying their recruitment video, I very much want to join the Delta Gamma Sorority.

Where do I sign?!