This Swedish News Presenter Has No Idea The Camera Is Rolling

By : Rebecca Knight |



One Swedish news anchor has become a viral sensation after having his very own blonde moment before he thought broadcasting was about to go live.

You don’t have to speak Swedish to know that the anchor isn’t too sure what he’s doing, and has no clue that filming has started, with his strange vocal exercises really something else.

Flicking to the 31 second mark, you then hear him say in his best Ron Burgundy impression, ‘Hey I’m making a fool out of myself right now, and it’s wonderful.’

fred 3

Oh, and to make things worse for the anchor, it seems he actually used a racial-slur as well and some Reddit users are claiming he said ‘kebab technician’ making a remark about immigrants- and has rightly been forced to apologise for that.

So lesson one, make sure you know if the cameras are rolling. Lesson two, avoid saying anything that might get misinterpreted or get you fired.