Rapper Holds Auditions For New Strip Club, Gets Inundated With Offers

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Last week, there was a stripper job fair in Atlanta which had over a thousand scantily clad women strut their stuff.


The day was caught on camera with footage showing a room full of half-naked women with pens and paper, taking instructions, handing in resumes and showing off their assets.

Turns out it’s all for T.I. – he’s expanding his business portfolio by opening a new V Live strip club in Atlanta. And what better way to find the best exotic dancers for your new gentleman’s club than hold a job fair?

The club is a collaboration between T.I. and his partner Damon Cobbs, so while the interview process is strenuous, the final decision no doubt rests between the both of them.

TMZ were told their specifications included a ‘well-rounded butt, toned body and tight abs’ and, of course, a ‘great personality was a must’.

Rapper Holds Auditions For New Strip Club, Gets Inundated With Offers stripper 1YouTube

Recruiters were heard asking each candidate to ‘turn around for me’ before asking them what club they currently work at. They were screened for personality, looks and of course, a sizeable ass.

According to TMZ, the army of high-heeled, thong wearing women totalled around 1,600, but only 100 were selected in the end. Judging from the footage though, we’re sure T.I. and his crew will have no problem picking out a solid 100.


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