Tom Hanks’ Rapper Son’s New Video Is About ‘The Thirst’

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Tom Hanks Rapper Sons New Video Is About The Thirst Untitled10

Tom Hanks is one of the best actors ever in my opinion. Shame about his son.

I like Hanks, he’s cool. His son might even be cool, I don’t know. Never met him, or even heard of him until now. But apparently he’s a rapper going by the name of Chet Hanx.

He changed the ‘ks’ to an ‘x’ by the way. Edgey.

His latest track is a slow-paced RnB song about ‘the thirst’.

I know it’s about the thirst, because he called it The Thirst.

To be fair, he probably knows a lot more about the thirst than I do. But then, my dad isn’t Tom Hanks.