Tony Hawk Rides World’s First Real Hoverboard

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Tony Hawk Rides Worlds First Real Hoverboard 262

If you’re going to let ANYONE be the first to test out the world’s first actual working hoverboard, it’s always going to be Tony Hawk.


And that’s exactly who Hendo Hover invited to their warehouse. Along with Dave Carnie he had a crash course with the extremely expensive kit, and it looks pretty awesome.

This is what Dave C had to say: “This isn’t any of that Funny or Die bullshit. It’s real. The folks at Arx Pax dropped a press release and a video in October claiming that they have developed the technology to make shit hover.”


Tony Hawk Rides Worlds First Real Hoverboard FaoPFw7

Tony Hawk Rides Worlds First Real Hoverboard Ym9BiPH

If you want to read more about Dave and Tony’s day at the factory, he goes into depth about how the board works, and the story behind it.

But all we’re interested in at the moment is the fact that Tony Hawk shredded the first ever, working, real hoverboard.

Where do we sign up for a go?