Traffic Warden Gives A Crashed Car A Ticket, Then Accuses The Guy Filming Of Hitting Her

By : Alex Bentley |



Traffic wardens are universally accepted to be dickheads, right? That is a cruel generalisation, though, as some of them are just doing their job. But there are people like this woman who drag the rest down with them.

This taxi driver had pulled over after being in an accident, when the warden decided to give him a ticket. Common sense rarely prevails.

The guy started filming, and asked her to stop as he had been in an accident and couldn’t drive, when she tries to grab the phone off him and throw it. A superhero then decided to get involved and kick off on the taxi driver, claiming that he saw him hit her. Which he didn’t.

The woman in the video has since resigned, while the cabby, Mr Arif, from Rochdale, insists he only filmed the video to help him with an appeal, not to get her in trouble. And we don’t feel he needs to justify his actions, at all. In fact, we applaud him on his calmness!