Turns Out Justin Bieber Does A Really F*cking Good Ozzy Osbourne

By : Rebecca Knight |



We’ve hardly had time to digest Anne Hathaway’s lip syncing attempt, but this video of Justin Bieber trying his best to imitate Ozzy Osbourne to win Spike TV’s lip syncing battle has just shot right to the top of our viewing list.

Bieber is known for many things, being a d*ck, dating various women, having a punch up with Orlando Bloom and also his dubious singing – so it is hardly a shock that his lip syncing efforts are actually far more watchable than any video with his voice in it.


Complete with heavy eyeliner and nail varnish, Bieber does his best to rock out to Crazy Train, and while no one is Ozzy, he does a pretty good job.


If only Bieber was like this all of the time, he might not rival Kanye West on the w*nker meter.