TV Show Tricks Teen Girl Into Thinking She’s Meeting Long-Lost Mum

By : Alex Bentley |



This is ridiculously harsh.

This is 13-year-old Autumn Allen, a girl who moved to Cambodia with her dad when she was six. However, she has not seen her mum since the move eight years ago.

The young singer was recently on the Mother’s Day special episode of the MyTV variety show Penh Chet Ort (Like It Or Not), where she sang a song, before the presenters played this cruel prank.

On the show, Autumn told the presenters that to meet her mum would be ‘a dream come true’, as she started to well up.


Then, thinking that she was going to finally be meeting her long lost mother, Autumn turned around to see a bloke in drag walk out.


The man was comedian Chuop Rolin, who came out and started dicking about (because he’s a heartless knob), while Autumn was left standing there.

One of the presenters then asked Autumn ‘What are you thinking, did you think it was real?’, and the young girl bashfully replied ‘I don’t know.’

Unsurprisingly and thankfully, the show has received a lot of hate following its broadcast.

The show can be seen here in full. If you want to cut to the part where they trick the poor girl, skip to 8.44.

The show’s producers have since said that they will issue an apology.



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