Two Women Strip Half-Naked And Gyrate On Each Other At The Pub

By : Jamie Roberts |


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Two women in Northern Ireland thought it’d be a great idea to strip half-naked and simulate sex acts at 5 in the afternoon.

In the footage the two strip down to their pants and run around, before performing x-rated moves on each other.

According to The Mirror the incident happened outside the Gillespie Arms pub in Comber, County Down, and was filmed by an unidentified male.

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Kieran McCarthy, Alliance MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) told The Mirror: “This is absolutely disgusting.”

He added:

This is a busy part of the town, there is likely to have been lots of people around, even children, given the time of day that it happened and it’s terrible to think they would have witnessed this type of behaviour.

We are trying to portray Comber as a welcoming and progressive town, we’re trying to attract more people, more businesses to come in to the town and this type of thing is certainly damaging to its reputation.

In this weather? Nutters…


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