Uber Driver Gets Happy Slapped By Teens, It’s All Caught On Camera

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Uber Driver Gets Happy Slapped By Teens, Its All Caught On Camera uber web

Deplorable footage has hit the internet of an Uber taxi driver being happy slapped by a group of teenagers.

The kids, thought to be from Brooklyn, captured the attack on camera, and even got out of the taxi at one point to try and get a better angle when filming, with the driver repeatedly abused and the kids seeming to find the entire incident funny.

To kids are also clearly heard saying:

Drive the f****** car n*****’ and yelling ‘n***** got a headache!

After being attacked from all sides of the car and resorting to putting his hands over his head to try and protect himself, the driver eventually manages to unlock his door and escape after being put in a chokehold by one of the kids.

The driver has not reported the incident yet, or come forward, but Uber have claimed that they are doing everything possible to help the police discover just what had happened.


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