‘Ukrainian Drug Dealer’ Is Brutally Tortured By Pro-Russian Militants

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Ukrainian Drug Dealer Is Brutally Tortured By Pro Russian Militants dealer1LiveLeak


Shocking footage has emerged online of a man being tortured by a gang of alleged pro-Russian militants.

The man, who has been taped to a pillar outside a house, is reportedly a drug dealer in southern Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast region.

The man is repeatedly whipped with electric cables by a masked man, which has left his back riddled with welts and the skin broken in many places.

It must be emphasised that this video is very distressing.

The Daily Mirror claim the man delivering the punishment has been dubbed ‘Olkhon’, and traveled to the town of Communar from the Russian city of Novosibirsk.

He allegedly says in the footage:

Drug dealers and junkies please come here to us, we have a way to deal with people like you. Come to us and we will cure all of you.

But this fellow will be slaughtered as a dog. He will live until he has stopped talking about his fellow drug dealers and has given us information, and then he will be dead.

See how he has p*ssed and sh*t himself. He thinks we will have some mercy on him, but we will kill him.

Don’t scream so much you will scare all the people around. I even broke my lash on your useless back.

Online reports have yet to confirm whether the man being tortured has been located, dead or alive.


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