Unlucky Lad Arrested With Black Eye From Condom Incident

By : Alex Bentley |


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I’ve had some pretty nuts ex-girlfriends, and have been in some odd situations, I won’t lie. But at least I haven’t been arrested after having a box of jonnys thrown at me.

That is what happened to William Hessain from Florida, when his girlfriend Dominique Claridge found out that he was speaking to another woman. The couple had been living together for a year when police were called to the fight that took place at their home.

Dominique threw a box of condoms at William, hitting him in the head and causing bruising to his eye. Police also say that she then started to attack and hit him.

The pair were arrested on a charges of domestic battery, and are due to appear in court on January 29th.

There is probably a joke in there somewhere about putting a condom to the head of Willie… but I won’t make it.