Unmanned SpaceX Rocket Explodes Shortly After Launch

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Unmanned SpaceX Rocket Explodes Shortly After Launch rocket explode WEB

A SpaceX rocket carrying supplies to the International Space Station exploded shortly after lift-off in Florida this morning.

According to NASA, the Falcon 9 rocket craft blew up only 139 seconds into the flight, after taking off from Cape Canaveral at 10.21am ET.

Debris could be seen tumbling out of the sky and falling into the Atlantic Ocean.

The rocket, which had 18 straight successes prior to today’s failed flight, was in the process of sending a cargo ship to the International Space Station. It reportedly had over two-and-a-half tons of supplies, equipment and experiments on board.

This is the second failed attempt at docking with the ISS this year – after a Russian cargo ship span out of control in April – and NASA said there will be no further Falcon-9 launches in the immediate future.

It’s not yet entirely clear how the disaster occurred but there are probably some pretty annoyed astronauts on the ISS right now!