These Vegas Strippers Just Nailed The Mannequin Challenge

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These Vegas Strippers Just Nailed The Mannequin Challenge 40938UNILAD imageoptim faceless mannequinsPublic Domain Pictures

The Mannequin Challenge – in case you’ve missed it – is the latest viral trend to sweep the internet.

The amateur videos, which serve as a fantastic distraction from what feels like impending world doom and gloom, see challengers freeze in odd situations with varying degrees of hilarity.

But we think we’ve just found the winners. The ladies who work at Sapphire Strip Club in Las Vegas uploaded a video captioned ‘This is the #mannequinchallenge America needs right now’ and they might not be wrong.

To the tune of Otis McDonald’s slow jam, What We Do Here Is Go Back, the strippers expertly freeze into mannequins in scenes that are reminiscent of the last days of Rome.

The ladies display an as-of-yet unbeatable athletic prowess, impressively holding their poses on the pole while the camera swings around the Vegas club, showing off the plethora of talent. Meanwhile, the clientele do an excellent job of holding steady, in various vulnerable states, including on all fours and collared like a dog.

And it’s impossible to ignore the incredibly high production values of the whole two-minute hilariously statuesque sexcapade.

Congratulations ladies, you win 2016.


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