Video Imagines What The World Would Be Like If Men Had Periods

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Video Imagines What The World Would Be Like If Men Had Periods manpons WEB

A new video depicts a world where men have to buy ‘manpons’ to deal with their own monthly cycles.

WaterAidUK created the hilarious and thought provoking video as part of its #MakeitHappen campaign.

And the charity postulates that the world would be a very different place if men had to deal with periods.

The Youtube video description says:

If men had periods they would be considered a sign of virility, men would brag about them on Facebook, #imonmyperiod would probably trend regularly on Twitter, and tampon adverts would be fronted by celebrities.

The video re-imagines the tampon commercial in the proud tradition of hyper-masculine deodorant and shaving gel adverts.

The parody also brings important issues to the forefront though and, let’s face it, how quickly would the tampon tax be scrapped if men had to deal with menstruation?

In an official press release, WaterAid’s Chief Officer Barbara Frost wrote:

Menstruation is an important women’s issue. One in three women around the world do not have access to a toilet during their periods and having to find a safe place after dark is both undignified and risky. Millions more suffer discrimination because of beliefs that they are ‘contaminated’ or ‘impure’. Stigma about menstruation means women do not seek the help and information they need, while the lack of hygiene facilities in schools is a major reason for young girls dropping out of education when they reach puberty.

Given how unbearable some guys are when they get the dreaded “man flu”, the thought of dudes getting periods is a pretty terrifying one, to be honest!


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