Video Of Woman Twerking With Toddler Is Seriously Dividing Opinion

By : Ben Hayward |



Bizarre footage of a woman twerking with a toddler has the Internet well and truly divided.

The video, reportedly shot in Brazilian party city, Rio de Janeiro, shows the young woman bending over and twerking while the boy in a nappy holds onto her from behind – even copying her moves, reports Elite Daily.

They both seem to be enjoying themselves, but quite a few people have criticised the woman for dancing ‘inappropriately with the child’ – with some even going as far as accusing her of paedophilia.

A lot of the commenters seem to assume the child is her son – however, it’s not actually clear from the footage whether that’s the case or not.

The controversial video was initially shared by Daniel Canício who wrote: 

What’s happening to this planet? How can we go back and start from scratch?

I’m not a moralist, but when you realise that there are people who think this is funny and cool, you know the world is sick.


But not everyone shared his concerns. A lot of people thought the whole thing was actually pretty harmless.

One woman said: 

Each and every one knows how to raise their son, and I don’t really see anything too much [here]. Just a joke.

That child has no concept – he must be about 3-years-old.

On the one hand it does seem pretty inappropriate – but on the other the kid obviously has no sense of the sexual nature of it…


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