Video Shows Moment Man ‘Attempts Suicide By Jumping In Front Of Bus’

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A video has emerged of the shocking moment that a man reportedly attempted to commit suicide by running into an oncoming bus.

The Daily Mail report that a Russian taxi driver is believed to have left his cab and ran towards the bus after being stuck in traffic for more than half an hour.

Thankfully, the bus driver saw the man and slowed the bus down before it hit him and, remarkably, the taxi driver walked away back to his car with only a few minor injuries.

Video Shows Moment Man Attempts Suicide By Jumping In Front Of Bus bus man 1Liveleak

Currently it is not known whether the video, which was captured on a dash cam of a nearby vehicle, was a genuine suicide attempt or just an elaborate stunt.

The 15-second clip shows the man crossing the camera from the right-hand side after apparently leaving his vehicle.

The driver of the car with the dashboard camera slows down as the man passes in front of his vehicle and continues over to the left-hand lane.

Video Shows Moment Man Attempts Suicide By Jumping In Front Of Bus bus man 3 1LiveLeak

The taxi driver then sprints as the bus gets closer, before launching himself at the front of the bus.

Thanks to the quick thinking bus driver, the man wasn’t too badly hurt and was reportedly treated for a ruptured spleen and rib fractures later that day.

The clip was shot on January 13, shortly after the end of Russia’s national New Year holidays, which it’s believed is the cause of the bad traffic.


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