Virtual Reality Machine Allows You To Hold Up A Store In Los Santos

By : Alex Bentley |



Virtual reality has been a big deal lately, with VR porn making headlines. Now there is even more you can do. Like run around, shoot people, and hold up a corner shop.

GTA V having it’s point of view option opens a whole new world of possibilities for virtual reality.

The Virtuix Omni system has a multi-directional treadmill for users to run and walk on, with a support in place to stop the user from stepping off. This is accompanied by a VR headset and a controller, leaving the player immersed in their own little computer generated world.

What better way to put VR to use than running around Los Santos!

These rigs aren’t cheap. It’d cost you over $1000 for a Virtuix Omni, before you even try to import it through customs.

But don’t pretend the idea of owning one isn’t crossing your mind!


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