Vladimir Putin Scores EIGHT Goals In Russian Ice Hockey Match

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Vladimir Putin Scores EIGHT Goals In Russian Ice Hockey Match putin 1Kremlin Pool Photo / Associated Press

The Russian President Vladimir Putin likes to present himself as the manliest man on earth and that image was taken to new levels over the weekend.

In an exhibition ice hockey game in Sochi, Russia on Saturday, Putin scored eight goals and led his “all-star” team to a decisive 18-6 win.

Incredibly (and totally legitimately, we’re sure) Putin even managed to outscore hockey greats like Pavel Bure in the WWII victory hockey match.

The publicity stunt is the latest in a long line of macho displays designed to inflate the 62-year-old Putin’s tough image and build up his cult of personality in Russia.

The Russian leader has already been photographed driving a Formula One race car, deep sea diving in a submarine, hunting with a rifle in the wild and riding horseback while shirtless.

Putin even scored six goals in a similar hockey game last year and clearly felt he needed to outdo himself this year.

The event should help dispel any worries about Putin’s health following rumours he was ill earlier this year after he disappeared from the public eye for 11 days.

I wonder what will be next for Putin. A wrestling match with a bear would be our guess.