Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Pot Quiz’ Put Stoners On The Spot On 4/20 Day

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Jimmy Kimmels Pot Quiz Put Stoners On The Spot On 4/20 Day TN19

Yesterday was 4/20, so stoners everywhere were blazing up. Venice Beach in California is a cannabis hotspot, and Jimmy Kimmel sent his team out to give some weed smokers a ‘Pot Quiz’.

I went to Venice Beach once and got approached by a bloke dressed as a pot leaf, more than once, so to see that this is where Kimmel decided to conduct his quiz did not surprise me.

His 4/20 Pop Quiz special, cleverly called Pot Quiz, asked stoners questions in pairs. One would be a general question and the second would be weed related.

No shock as to which people found easier to answer…

“Are you registered to vote in California?”
Are you registered to buy weed in California?”