Watch Moment Vigilante Busts ‘Paedophile’ As He Meets ‘Teen Girl’

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Taking cue from vigilante group Dark Justice, a self-proclaimed ‘pedo hunter’ who poses as under-aged girls has released footage of him catching a man he claims is a paedophile.

Posing as a 14-year-old girl, the vigilante, who goes by the name ‘Coffs Coast Pedo Hunter,’ arranged a meeting with the man at the local shopping centre in Coffs Coast in New South Wales, Australia.

Throughout the footage, the ‘Pedo Hunter’ introduces him by sharing messages exchanged between the man and the ‘under-age girl’.

The texts, which read everything from ‘If I say we can play with each other will u come in’ to ‘kiss play with each other teach you how to suck cock n I will get your pussy ready for sex,’ are damning.

Watch Moment Vigilante Busts Paedophile As He Meets Teen Girl pedo textsYouTube

Footage shows the vigilante meeting up with the man inside the shopping centre while recording the confrontation on his phone.

While the man denies he was speaking to any under-aged girls, the ‘pedo hunter’ notes that, in his messages, he explained he will be wearing a Holden t-shirt, which the man in the video is wearing.

He said:

It just happens though, that you look a lot like the person I was talking to online.

You said you were going to be wearing a Holden shirt.

Watch Moment Vigilante Busts Paedophile As He Meets Teen Girl Capture 4YouTube

After the man tries to walk away, the vigilante asks for identification but the man continuously refuses claiming he’s the wrong person.

And while it can’t be confirmed that this guy really is the pedo in the messages, you would think that if he wasn’t, he would happily prove that with ID. Which he didn’t.

But it seems despite the vigilante’s actions, the paedophile still may not be charged.

Speaking to The Advocate, The Coffs Local Area Comma and Crime Manager Detective Inspector Darren Jameson said: “I am aware of the video footage and I have viewed it but I am not aware of any other evidence as outlined by the person recording the video.”

If the man in the video really was a paedophile, here’s to hoping he’s caught.