Watch The Awkward Moment Robbie Williams Starts Flirting With A 15-Year-Old

By : Jamie Roberts |


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This is the moment Robbie Williams accidentally cracks on to a 15-year-old girl in front of thousands of people.

The singer was performing in Brisbane, Australia, as part of his Let Me Entertain You tour, when he told a sexy secretary joke to a girl called Morgan in the audience, The Mirror reported.

It turns out it’s her birthday, and he casually asks her how old she is – unfortunately for Robbie, she was out celebrating her 15th birthday with her mum.

He says to the teenager:

I love that look. I love the look with the glasses, and the hair, it’s like a secretary look.

Which reminds me, I’ve got to clear my browsing history on my computer before Ayda sees it.

How old are you today Morgan? Fifteen? Oh shit, that joke just…

After realising his mistake he asks the crowd not to put the incident on YouTube. I don’t think so Robbie, there’s no hiding from social media, mate.

Oh dear Rob, oh dear.


The Mirror