Watch This 5-Year-Old Street Kid Eat His First McDonald’s

By : Alex BentleyTwitterLogo


Videos like this are really difficult to comment on. They make you realise just how much you take for granted.

Loads of us eat McDonald’s, and often. It might not be the most healthy of options, but it’s a quick and cheap fix. Most of us are brought up on it and crave it regularly. But this kid has never had one before, so watching him eat it and offer to share with the guy who bought it him is heartwarming, while very sad.

Child labour is something we don’t really see in Britain. Mainly because most children go to school, and aren’t out on the street trying to stay alive.

Watch This 5 Year Old Street Kid Eat His First McDonalds kid1

I’m not denying that poverty exists in the UK, but at least we don’t see kids like this, who can’t go to school, because ‘how will they feed themselves’?

The guy who made this video, YouTube user Actor Varun Pruthi has been accused of making it as a publicity stunt or for fame, which as a major cynic, I can kind of see… Until you take a look at his channel and realise he makes loads of these videos, doing it to raise awareness of the severity of the problems in his home country of India.

Good work.