Watch This Guys House Get Invaded By A Flock Of Birds

By : Alex Bentley |



If you are an ornithophobiac, it’s probably best you don’t watch these videos.

A bird flew into the our kitchen through the once. My mum freaked out and my dad spent ages trying to catch the thing. It was pretty funny. But only because there was just the one. Not sure having this many would be quite the same laugh.

According to the guy who filmed the videos and posted them on Reddit, he had only gone out of the house with his girlfriend for an hour, then when they returned the house was a birdy chaos like something from a Hitchcock movie!

They managed to get rid of all the birds eventually, by using the age old method of grabbing them and throwing them out. But… Just imagine the shit everywhere. Definitely NOT ‘good luck’ when you’re scraping poo up off everything you own in your house!


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