Watch This Lad Get His Girlfriend With Exploding Ketchup Prank

By : Alex Bentley |



This is brilliant… But a tad messy!

Reuben decided to prank Rebekah, and film it, and I’m glad that he did, because it’s hilarious!

Rebekah popped to the shop, and being the good boyfriend that he is, Reuben made her chips for when she got back. Knowing that she would want ketchup with her chips, he decides to turn the bottle into a sauce-bomb, by adding bicarbonate of soda. This causes the ketchup to explode, because science.

When she returns from her shopping trip, Reuben plays it cool, and removes himself from the line of fire as Rebekah opens the ketchup, causing it to explode and make an unholy mess of the kitchen.

Apparently he had to paint the entire kitchen after this prank, which is no great surprise judging the state of it!

Their YouTube channel is well worth a follow if you like pranks, because this couple may be in love, but it doesn’t stop them from tormenting each other constantly, while filming it for our amusement!


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