Watch This Thief Get Shot As He Tries To Steal Man’s Motorbike

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Watch This Thief Get Shot As He Tries To Steal Mans Motorbike 167

This shocking footage comes straight out of Brazil and shows just how under threat you can be if you own a decent motorbike out there.

Filmed via the GoPro of this rider as he glides through the streets of Sao Paulo, things suddenly take a turn for the worst when two bikes cut him up on his right-hand-side at a junction.

Instantly brandishing a gun, one of them grabs hold of the man’s handlebars and urges him to get off before quickly getting on it himself. But the robbery doesn’t last long and suddenly turns into what us law-abiding citizens call justice.

Because not enjoying what’s happening in front of him, one man jumps out of his car with a pistol of his own and shoots the thief twice – sending him to the ground, diffusing the situation.