Watch What Happens When You Talk Sh*t To The Wu Tang Clan

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Watch What Happens When You Talk Sh*t To The Wu Tang Clan 070611 music ghostface killah

Giving shit to Ghostface Killah probably isn’t a good idea. He’s massive, and he might ‘Punch you in your motherfuckin’ face like Spongebob’*.


Heckling a musician is weird. If you don’t like them, don’t pay money to go and see them live. And if you do, don’t stand at the front sticking your middle finger up at them, telling them to ‘eat a dick’, because not only is that a bit weird, it may not end well.

Take this bellend for example.


Ghostface Killah is a big guy, and I definitely wouldn’t want to piss him off. But this guy did, for some reason, and eventually got called out on it.

“Step right there, I will pound you out!”

The helmet even took his shirt off, as if he was going to get on the stage and fight. But before he could even do anything, half the crowd started punching him, while the bouncers just stood and let it happen.

Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta Fuck With.

*Well done to anybody that knew that lyric without googling it.