White South African Man Gets Put To Sleep For Being Racist

By : Sam Ridgway |



In South Africa, the word ‘Kaffir’ is a highly offensive racial slur referring to black people. It’s the equivalent to the N-word over here.

Past explorers adopted the term to refer to black non-Muslim people when they became involved in the Arab slave trade along the coast of East Africa. Later, other European traders also adopted its use.

So it goes without saying that in SA, using the term as an isolated insult doesn’t go down well, ever. As this white man learnt.


In an interview, a witness explains how the white guy turned round in the queue and hurled the offensive term at the black man after being told to hurry up.

Things then escalated, and video started rolling. After that, it speaks for itself. Karma swooped down and the yellow-topped racist was sent into his dreams with a suitcase and a pillow.

H/T Shock Mansion