Who Would Win In A Real Fight, Jackie Chan Or Bruce Lee?

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Who Would Win In A Real Fight, Jackie Chan Or Bruce Lee? TN155

This is one of the more important questions in life. Who would win in a real fight, Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?

The pair fought on camera in the movie Enter the Dragon, where Bruce Lee is the victor, but if it came to blows in real life, who would come out on top?

It’s a debate I’ve definitely had a few times with mates, and I’ve always sided with Bruce Lee. I used to do Jeet Kune Do, so perhaps I’m a little biased. But I’m not the only one…

It turns out that a lot of people agree… Including Jackie Chan himself.

When asked who would win between him and Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan say’s it’d be Bruce Lee… No question.

Jackie is also asked about his meeting with Chris Tucker, and it looks like a new Rush Hour film is definitely on it’s way. Which is great news.

But he isn’t the only one… There may be a new Bruce Lee film on the way, too.

Yep. Really.

Bruce Lee could be brought back from the dead for a new film about his martial arts master, Ip Man. Producers of the film want a CGI Bruce to fight with real life actors.

If they can make him play table tennis with nunchucks, they can make him do anything!

Surviving relatives of the kung fu hero aren’t happy though, and are tryng to stop the plan from going ahead, claiming that they are just cashing in on Bruce’s legacy.

Who would you side with?

Just because he is brilliant, here is a video of Jackie Chan’s top ten moments.