Wife Catches Husband With His Mistress, It All Kicks Off

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Wife Catches Husband With His Mistress, It All Kicks Off cheating husband WEBYouTube

When this wife reportedly caught her cheating husband on a date with his mistress, things escalated very quickly.

In video footage, uploaded to YouTube, the woman decided she wanted some serious revenge when she spotted the pair sat in her husband’s BMW.

The short clip, believed to be filmed in Mexico, shows how the scorned wife first sat on the hood of the car to stop her husband from driving off with her alleged love rival, shouting abuse at him as the other woman is sat in the passenger seat.


According to the Mail Online translation, one of the bystanders watching the situation, remarks: “Dirty old man. He must be covered in gold for them to be fighting over him”.

As two police officers attempt to moderate the situation, they appear to tell the alleged mistress to step out of the BMW.

It seems like a misinformed decision, considering that the woman slaps her right across the face as soon as she’s within range, but she does manage to leap into a taxi fairly soon afterwards and make her escape.

The video ends with the wife getting back into the BMW with her husband. God help this guy when she gets him home!


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