Will Ferrell Delivers Wedding Speech To Couple He Doesn’t Know

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Will Ferrell Delivers Wedding Speech To Couple He Doesnt Know Screen Shot 2015 06 26 at 13.54.42

If I ever wanted one person to give a speech at my wedding, Will Ferrell would be right up there with the best of them.

This couple got to experience just that. And like me, (obviously) they’ve never met him before. They are complete strangers to the funny man. Which makes this speech so much better.

The comedy genius delivers a hilarious yet completely ridiculous masterpiece. But what more can you expect?

The speech happened during The Chris Gethard Show, where he spoke at the wedding of three different couples in the space of half an hour.

At one point, in classic Ferrell fashion, he reveals he’s still in love with one of the brides, and it goes down exactly how you’d imagine.