Woman Gets Rid Of Pest In Club By Pretending To Be Deaf

By : Kieron Curtis |



Apparently telling a male pest in a club that you aren’t available doesn’t work these days, and women are having to devise other means of repelling unwanted advances.

In a video uploaded to Imgur one girl demonstrates her own tactic – pretending to be deaf.

It works with depressing effect.

Check it out:


The film is depressing on two fronts:

1) A few pints doesn’t give you the right to casually wrap your hands around anyone’s waist.

2) Why is being deaf such an unattractive quality in the eyes of morons?

Several commenters were quick to address this issue:

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Screen Shot 2016 02 24 at 17.43.50Imgur

It is a sorry state of affairs that this trick works, but at least she got away from the creep.


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