Woman Refuses To Give Up Dogs For Council House, Has To Live In Car

By : Rebecca Knight |


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When Hillary Barrows found herself homeless, she applied for emergency housing from the council, only to be told that she could have a house, but would have to part with her pet dogs, Robbie and Cleo, in order to get it.

She decided that she couldn’t give her dogs up, so has spent the last four months living in her 20 year old Alfa Romeo in an Asda car park, using the McDonald’s café for Wi-Fi, desperately trying to find work.


She claimed:

The only place I could stay was my 20-year-old Alfa Romeo.

I decided to drive to Canterbury because the Salvation Army have really helped me and fed the dogs, and there is a public toilet nearby.

There is a £2 a time shower room that I use once a week. The RSPCA have been out to visit the dogs twice and they have no problem living in the car.

I have never been on benefits in my life before, I have a degree I have diplomas. I am in a no-win situation – I don’t want people to feel sorry for me, I just want someone to give me a hand-up.

She has started her own crowdfunding page on GoFundMe to get together a deposit for a flat so she can have an address to put down on job applications, and has received £6,720 so far and offers of housing.


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