Woman Runs Into Police Station Throwing Bacon At Coppers

By : Sam Ridgway |



This woman is really, really not happy with the police in Framingham, Massachusetts. So much so that she decided to walk into a police station and chuck meat at them. Yep.

What’s worse (or better?) is that she seriously planned this out. I mean, what’s the best thing to walk into a police station in the USA with? A box of donuts, obviously. And this woman did just that. But to the disappointment of the cops, it wasn’t donuts they were getting.

Lindsay McNamara, 24, grabbed handfuls of bacon and launched them at the counter before drawing for the killer ammo. A load of sausages.

According to Framingham police Lt. Harry Wareham, McNamara did all this while saying, “I’m here to feed the pigs.” Then he went on to say that, “It’s clear she may need help.”

You don’t say.