Woman Shaves 12-Year-Old Stepson’s Head For Smoking Cannabis

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Woman Shaves 12 Year Old Stepsons Head For Smoking Cannabis shaved head WEB

A woman has been accused of cyberbullying for shaming her 12-year-old stepson in a new video after he came home “smelling of marijuana”.

Aaliyah Hines posted the clip, in which she shaves the boy’s head, on her Facebook page.

In the caption to the video, she wrote:

Step son decided to walk in my house at 12yrs old smelling like a pound of weed not only is he smoking but he will also be repeating the 7th grad next school term.

In the video, she asks her stepson, who she calls Terence, to tell the camera how old he is and what he’s been doing.

When he replies that he is 12 and has been smoking, she says: “I don’t know how to cut hair, but we’re gonna cut hair today,” before pulling out a pair of clippers and shaving the top of his head.


Ms Hines’ video, filmed in the U.S, has been watched more than 9 million times and while some have praised the woman’s actions, many more have spoken out against it, saying the video goes too far and unnecessarily embarrasses the young lad.

Aaliyah later took to Facebook again to defend her actions.

She wrote:

He got warned so many times even after getting a call saying he was going to repeat the same grade, I still let him slide. I asked to leave work early today so I can do something with him he walked in the house smelling like the best week ever, eyes blood-shot red and a box of Popeyes in his hand. What else was I supposed to do? If anyone knows what it’s like being embarrassed as a child, y’all know I do, but what else am I to do?

Maybe just ground him next time, Aaliyah.